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 Player: Chefkoch㋡
 Points: 1,334,829
 Player: - GanJa -
 Points: 1,152,063
 Player: λŋɠᶓl
 Points: 663,611

Rank Player Points Country Playtime Last Online
226Braveheart25,614us1.17 Hours9.18 Years ago
227shubagab25,528fr42.00 Minutes4.23 Years ago
228ßű∂∂a ㋡ indahood25,469gb3.48 Hours8.35 Years ago
229Gamer Boy25,448us2.35 Hours9.22 Years ago
230shh.25,256rs3.17 Hours9.20 Years ago
231Folko25,072ru2.28 Hours9.22 Years ago
232^3Golden^0LYNX25,020ru1.37 Hours9.22 Years ago
233MasterMind24,985fr59.00 Minutes4.23 Years ago
234Ralph24,931sg1.47 Hours7.84 Years ago
235MiKa24,918fr4.15 Hours9.34 Years ago
236Dixie10224,910us2.35 Hours9.22 Years ago
237DroidToyiu24,896us54.00 Minutes9.22 Years ago
238kryfster24,823fr3.08 Hours9.16 Years ago
239Overman24,663il1.83 Hours9.25 Years ago
240Droovers24,557nl59.00 Minutes9.18 Years ago
241Mr. Older24,469gb58.00 Minutes8.46 Years ago
242<FaT>24,255ru47.00 Minutes9.20 Years ago
243GrAY24,059ru1.67 Hours9.08 Years ago
244Nameless24,047ru1.30 Hours9.22 Years ago
245RedFaerPhoenix24,043ru1.27 Hours9.20 Years ago
246Recker23,956pl3.65 Hours8.54 Years ago
247Der Patriot.-23,935de4.50 Hours2.60 Years ago
248ПаЛыЧ23,765ru2.78 Hours9.22 Years ago
249G2 Rainbow23,682de49.00 Minutes2.61 Years ago
250Pikkoow23,643nl2.48 Hours3.74 Years ago