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 Player: Chefkoch㋡
 Points: 1,334,829
 Player: - GanJa -
 Points: 1,152,063
 Player: λŋɠᶓl
 Points: 663,611

Rank Player Points Country Playtime Last Online
126thegingineer42,218us4.32 Hours8.36 Years ago
127SMIT42,182lv5.37 Hours7.53 Years ago
128Squeleton-Macqueen41,496fr1.45 Hours8.33 Years ago
129Gigadramon41,495gb12.32 Hours7.60 Years ago
130AzuMe41,410de2.65 Hours4.83 Years ago
131Luis40,738pt1.17 Hours8.42 Years ago
132K0V4L5K140,522ru3.90 Hours8.35 Years ago
133Depish40,423ru6.87 Hours7.14 Years ago
134lewby_doo40,102gb2.93 Hours8.39 Years ago
135Xanorax39,799fr4.02 Hours8.23 Years ago
136mitzumz39,630de4.98 Hours9.48 Years ago
137PIKA PIKA MOTHERFUCKERS !39,119ru3.77 Hours8.35 Years ago
138TheFMadness38,605fr4.02 Hours8.23 Years ago
139ANDREI38,408ru5.10 Hours8.38 Years ago
140Abyss38,353ua22.63 Hours8.34 Years ago
141IcHtReFfNiX37,534de1.58 Hours4.05 Years ago
142KOKOLIHAPIHVI37,512fi1.48 Hours8.39 Years ago
143OK37,384fr6.28 Hours8.27 Years ago
144hefu37,289ru1.78 Hours8.38 Years ago
145Cpe *Just yle37,137tn2.70 Hours8.34 Years ago
146Jack La Furia36,969it2.92 Hours7.63 Years ago
147PyRoNoX36,725de2.00 Hours1.83 Years ago
148Zamigiusz Q_o36,638fi2.28 Hours8.32 Years ago
149Baya36,442hr3.17 Hours8.23 Years ago
150Super_virusnyak(rus)36,408ru5.78 Hours7.19 Years ago

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