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 Player: Chefkoch㋡
 Points: 1,334,829
 Player: - GanJa -
 Points: 1,152,063
 Player: λŋɠᶓl
 Points: 663,611

Rank Player Points Country Playtime Last Online
101vostapov50,584ru2.40 Hours8.40 Years ago
102drmz49,718ru1.88 Hours8.39 Years ago
103Le xXBlackyXx [Ger]49,625de3.55 Hours8.40 Years ago
104Dr Maybe49,269my7.33 Hours8.39 Years ago
105MonDLuf49,173es2.10 Hours8.40 Years ago
106Ambro48,757hr2.60 Hours8.42 Years ago
107trudyE.48,025se3.98 Hours8.39 Years ago
108rainbow dash47,963dk5.83 Hours9.53 Years ago
109ocoga47,920es1.67 Hours8.40 Years ago
110[FM]GuardOfDestiny™47,731hr8.95 Hours8.18 Years ago
111Warrior Amarr47,443it3.05 Hours8.39 Years ago
112svertywkipoebly™46,918ru10.28 Hours8.35 Years ago
113epicoscar46,755us2.45 Hours8.40 Years ago
114Sulfateos46,602re4.47 Hours8.26 Years ago
115(.)(.)46,346ru2.33 Hours8.40 Years ago
116Nafissatou DiabloX945,735fr3.95 Hours8.42 Years ago
117Serega44,209ru9.57 Hours7.01 Years ago
118sneakz44,068ch4.30 Hours8.40 Years ago
119DeathBiscuit43,971ru2.58 Hours8.38 Years ago
120¬=¦¡ Bang ! ︻デ═一43,091be13.23 Hours6.73 Years ago
121Maxius[LT]43,057lt3.60 Hours8.38 Years ago
122The Bro42,817ca4.85 Hours8.41 Years ago
123Duffman42,624nl1.08 Hours3.40 Years ago
124Arhy (ES)42,387es1.67 Hours8.40 Years ago
125kab_zhandos42,274kz3.63 Hours8.39 Years ago

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