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  Undergound Gaming  /  Left 4 Dead 2  /  Ranking

 Player: Chefkoch㋡
 Points: 1,334,829
 Player: - GanJa -
 Points: 1,152,063
 Player: λŋɠᶓl
 Points: 663,611

Rank Player Points Country Playtime Last Online
301DjPollo20,209it3.35 Hours7.66 Years ago
302IIoIIIeJI HaXyI20,192ua1.13 Hours8.76 Years ago
303bananno9620,140pl2.35 Hours9.96 Years ago
304Soorp20,029de3.48 Hours8.71 Years ago
305Mylaa OG20,025fr3.25 Hours8.77 Years ago
306woodoo19,977ru2.15 Hours8.73 Years ago
307b54v5519,859be1.28 Hours4.28 Years ago
308Savacou19,829be2.10 Hours8.76 Years ago
309BeesOnMyHead19,676us1.63 Hours8.77 Years ago
310greenleet19,648kz1.12 Hours8.76 Years ago
311DN_Assassin19,605gb1.53 Hours8.77 Years ago
312JudziN19,568pl48.00 Minutes8.66 Years ago
313Izzy Izumi19,513se1.10 Hours8.76 Years ago
314Lulu19,474pt5.15 Hours4.53 Years ago
315BOT Franck19,341fr5.15 Hours8.56 Years ago
316vladsorok1n19,304ru29.00 Minutes8.76 Years ago
317famousGøåT19,245us2.60 Hours8.79 Years ago
318Fk|Fedorkov.A19,126ru1.87 Hours8.77 Years ago
319N2D19,107be5.20 Hours4.53 Years ago
32000_Dimon_5519,071ru1.88 Hours8.74 Years ago
321Krevedko18,994ru2.05 Hours8.75 Years ago
322Ludwig18,979de2.25 Hours8.13 Years ago
323Th3Striker18,894pt5.58 Hours8.77 Years ago
324Dralkcib18,851be1.28 Hours4.28 Years ago
325IPoggia [ITA]18,841it4.67 Hours8.62 Years ago