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Ranking (Versus)

  Undergound Gaming  /  Left 4 Dead 2  /  Ranking (Versus)

 Player: Chefkoch㋡
 Points: 1,334,829
 Player: - GanJa -
 Points: 1,152,063
 Player: λŋɠᶓl
 Points: 663,611

Rank Player Points Country Playtime Last Online
1Abyss38,353ua22.63 Hours7.59 Years ago
2TopR@Ted17,447no9.45 Hours6.19 Years ago
3PaulKing17,065ua12.05 Hours7.65 Years ago
4Super Solenoid12,463fr10.07 Hours7.02 Years ago
5АналКарнавал10,601ua7.68 Hours7.66 Years ago
6Cali10,190fr9.72 Hours7.02 Years ago
7[= CG =] Nick ™10,123gb5.32 Hours7.66 Years ago
8near10,033fr4.48 Hours5.95 Years ago
9Gigadramon9,291gb5.62 Hours6.85 Years ago
10¢σηησя9,153eg11.87 Hours7.50 Years ago
11pukin-sasha8,508ua7.82 Hours7.59 Years ago
12fcuk islam8,216gb4.92 Hours6.88 Years ago
13Kusik7,824gb3.80 Hours7.62 Years ago
14[NED BEZAHLT]DU JOGGEL7,800de3.87 Hours7.67 Years ago
15Tron™7,776de4.45 Hours2.21 Years ago
16†☠☠☠†franck7,715fr4.37 Hours5.79 Years ago
17Brutus7,651es4.18 Hours6.02 Years ago
18-[O-M-E-G-A]-オメガ²7,639fr6.02 Hours7.02 Years ago
19seidzi7,440ru4.18 Hours7.63 Years ago
20MrGabbeR7,180es5.02 Hours7.63 Years ago
21Robyx7,090it3.43 Hours5.79 Years ago
22Tricky7,040de3.12 Hours7.67 Years ago
23Der Patriot.-6,998de3.60 Hours1.02 Years ago
24DeaD_EyE6,936de2.93 Hours7.67 Years ago
25Wicked6,893de4.40 Hours5.87 Years ago

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